How can i use statistics inside my site with auto login also

HI, I need to use statistics inside my site on the basis of dynamic user login, please let me know about “HOW CAN I USE STATISTICS INSIDE MY SITE WITH AUTO LOGIN ALSO”

You have just repeated the very same question 3 times but I’m still not sure what you mean. (using capitals do not make your question clearer ;))

I suppose you want to be able to see your users in your statistic. There are multiple ways to do this.
You could add a custom vaiable to your stats:

piwikTracker.setCustomVariable(1,"username", "<php echo $username; ?>","visit" ) ;

Or you could rewrite the url using


I have done my work,
Actually I want to embad or show the statistic result(statistics means vistor country, browser etc) inside the dashboard of my website( a inner page of my website),
But when I use an iframe code its says, First login then you can see…" so I was need to see results without login or auto login.

Go to widgets (at the top of your screen):

With Piwik, you can export your Web Analytics reports on your blog, website, or intranet dashboard… in one click.

› Widget authentication: If you want your widgets to be viewable by everybody, you first have to set the ‘view’ permissions to the anonymous user in the Users Management section.
Alternatively, if you are publishing widgets on a password protected or private page, you don’t necessarily have to allow ‘anonymous’ to view your reports. In this case, you can add the secret token_auth parameter (found in the API page) in the widget URL.

If you only want to show this to users who are logged in (and thus do not want to change the view permissions for anonymous users) then I think the only way is to use the API, so you have to build something yourself. Or maybe block piwik/index.php with htaccess and fetch the widget from your local server.