How can I use Actions.getPageTitle by use like instead of =

Dear all,
I have set the title of page ,e.g. “test”, then I get the PV data by use Actions.getPageTitle.If i set pageName=“test”,It can get the correct data,but if I set pageName=“tes” ,it can’t get any data.
who know how can I get data by like instead of ==.
thank you.

Hi there,

you can use the API: Actions.getPageTitles

and use it with: filter_pattern see: Reporting API Reference: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

Hi matt,
Thanks for your reply.
Our site defined pageTitle like “Client Validation”, As you said, I add the filter_pattern e.g. “”,It can work ,But If I use “Client Validation”,It cann’t work.
If I want use “Client Validation” to search the pageTitle, How to write the filter_pattern?

Maybe you must URL encode it ? or maybe you can try to also set filter_column=url ?

Hi matt,
I did some test, e.g. filter_pattern=Client Validation ,filter_column=url ,it can’t get any data.
Client Validation” is our pages’ title. I trid to set filter_column=pageTitle or filter_column=name,it can’t get any data also.
And i found,there is “Client Validation” value in column “name” of table “log_action”,How can i set filter_column’s value,it can search by this name.
thanks .

Does it work better when you add &flat=1 ?

Hi matt
I add a parameter : flat=1 ,it can’t get any data also.
If I only use “filter_pattern” ,it can work. If there are “flat” or “filter_column”,it will not be work.