How can I track / discover low performing (“invisible”) pages?

Let’s say I have a website with a couple of hundred pages – some performing well, others not so well. And then there are some pages that are what I would call ‘invisible pages’ – no visitors ever entering through these pages since they are not ranking well in SERPs.

If I now wanted to focus my SEO efforts on these ‘invisible pages’ – how do I even find them? As far as I know in PIWIK Landing Pages are only listed if they generate 1 entry or more per chosen time period.

I asked this question a bit more general already over here (“How can I track entry pages with 0 (zero) entries?”) but to my surprise I never got any answer or suggestion or whatever. So maybe this is not as easy to accomplish as I first thought? I think it would be a great feature – and it would add great value to PiWik, especially for those struggeling with SEO. Any pointers or suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there,

Really interesting post.
Well the way I would tackle the issue is as follow:

  • I would create a specific Piwik account in order to track either the human being traffic and robot traffic.
  • I would send a robot such as Xenu in order to track all my pages
    Then I would know which pages are somehow orphans.
    I never test it but in any cases you would need a way to push the page data.
    So it makes me think about a second idea, maybe we could push all those urls that you grabbed with a scraper and then import them as custom dimensions.
    To me you need a way to import them.