How can i reset the data for one site?

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Hi piwik team!

Got a simple and short question:
How can i reset all the data for one site only?

I am currently tracking 20 sites but want to reset all data (visitors, pageviews, downloads, all tracked data). Not the site itself, hust the data tracked till yet.

How can i do this?


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anyone could help me with this? please. thanks!

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Hi matthieu!

Thanks for your link.
But i can`t find any informations there on how to reset all data for one tracked site. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

Am i blind? #faq_73 is not available anymore … style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif


How to delete all the statistics for a given websites, or for all websites?

It is possible to keep all the websites information (names, defined goals, etc.) and only delete the stored analytics data. However, there is currently no tool available to do this: you can directly delete the data from the Piwik database. Do the following:

* Delete all the mysql tables with a name starting with piwik_archive_* ; they will automatically be re-created when Piwik processes the reports
* Execute the following query: DELETE FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idsite = X with X replaced by the website ID you wish to reset.

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Thank you … now the faq entry is available again - see it.


I’ve already read this FAQ How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo and all works fine!

I don’t remember where, but some month ago i’ve read that in order
by to clear stats, i have also to delete all piwik_archive_blob_*

Is it correct or not ?


FAQ #faq_73 already seen.

In addition i would ask “piWik staff” if it’s possible delete Visits, Actions, Conversions etc. for specific site on specific month.

Thank you