How can i recreate the download dashboard without row limits?


I need to check some downloads events (like here *, but Matomo Cloud limits the number of rows at 100.

I find an option for the self hosted version to increase the limit, but how can i do that with the cloud version ?

Someone ask the same things years ago but at this time nobody could help ( Show more downloads in the Download-report )


So nobody could explain to me why i can’t recreate the download dashboard ?
I have a big delta whereas i try to show same info.

Hi @neuron
As you paid for Matomo cloud, you have access to the Matomo Cloud support.
Then you can reach them at: shop at matomo dot org

Hello Philippe, i tried but the answer are not easy to obtain that’s why i hoped here i could have some…

Hi @neuron

Can you describe in which manner it is not easy to obtain?