How can I have an event trigger a session recording?

We use Matomo mainly for UX purposes. If we have errors or similar stuff, it triggers an event. We would like to trigger session recordings by these events, so that we can fix the UX flaw.

How can I trigger a recording by an event?

If you have an error, in my opinion, isn’t it too late to start a session recording?.. (you won’t get the user flow in the page leading to the problem).
How many visits do you have per day? and how many page view per visit?
What is the proportion visits with “errors or similar stuff”?

Visits and average page views: Thousands/day.
We create events for occurrences that we consider UX flaws, and it’s hard to put a number to it. Our aim is to see what is confusing/difficult for the user in such a situation. That is what I mean with “such stuff”. It’s not about programming errors /JS errors/404s necessarily.

Did you already send these events to your tracking instance? If yes, then you have an amount of the UX flaws.

As first approach, did you try to record 100% of the sessions starting only on the suspicious pages?
Also you can find some UX flaws thanks to the Heatmap. Did you activate it?

Yes, we can see them. Of course, we could identify pages that are more likely to trigger these events, record those pages in general and then create a segment for visits that triggered this event. All the recordings in this segment would be recordings of the UX flaw. It’s a possibility, but there are many, many URLs to monitor, and this method will result in many, many session recordings.
This might be the only possibility.
Heatmaps: Yes, we use them, they can be very helpful.

For the initial question:

trigger session recordings by [some] events

Maybe @innocraft can help you as this concerns a premium feature…

Hi @DanielHug ,

If you would like to trigger and enable session recording on demand, you may have to disable the feature to start with and based on your condition you may have to enable them. Note: doing so would disable both Heatmaps and Session recording tracking please review

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@karthik thanks for your response. So I guess the short answer is that it’s not possible. A workaround may be to identify the URL on which the event is triggered most frequently and do session recordings for these pages throughout - as consent permits, of course.

Hi @DanielHug ,

For your use case, it is not possible unfortunately.

@karthik Never mind, I appreciate the straightforward answer!