How can I get PIWIK to work in my IFrame web application

I have a fairly large web application. It uses IFrames. The top IFrame has our menu and the bottom, main IFrame contains all of our web pages. I want to track what web pages are being used and information about each web page. I have heard that PIWIK doesn’t work with IFrames. How can I get PIWIK to work in my IFrame web application?

I think you may have misunderstood the question.

I believe the original poster asked for advice on how to integrate Piwik tracking into web pages served up as IFrames. The FAQ you point to discusses how to integrate the Piwik user interface and the reports served up by that interface into IFrames. This information may be relevant to what the user is attempting to achieve, but it doesn’t provide information on how to do the actual tracking of web pages served up as IFrames.

I have zero experience with IFrames, so I can’t provide any advice.

Thanks @canajun2eh

So the answer is that Piwik should work as expected when put into an iframe. Is there any problem you experience @cookkj ? if so please open an issue in our tracker: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub