How can I export info about all of the visits for all visitors?

Hi there,

I’m using Piwik to track visitors who watch videos on the inhouse platform and I’m thinking of creating a better recommendation system for which I intend to use the data from Piwik.
However exporting users one by one seems way too cumbersome,

Do you know if there is a way to export data about every visit of all visitors for a given time range?
So far the report that perfectly matches my needs is Live.getVisitorProfile

You feedback is much appreciated!

So far I can only use API calls not the MySQL database

I’m using Piwik 3.2.0, if this can help you


If Live.getVisitorProfile gives you the data you need and you just want to avoid the HTTP overhead of calling it for every visitor, you could write a Matomo plugin that calls the API for every visitor internally and then returns the complete data at once.

Also keep in mind that 3.2.0 is from 2017 and there have been a ton of bug and security fixes since.