How can I delete the folders: sessions | templates_c

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How can I delete the folders on the server?


I tried to set the access controll to 777, but I couldn’t change it. I tried to delete it from plesk, and also it didn’t work. It seems there is nothing in the database (mysql).

Before I had this problems I couldn’t install piwik, so I decided to delete the folders on the server.

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[quote=piwikk @ Jan 29 2010, 04:04 PM]How can I delete the folders on the server?


This is a pretty common problem on php programs that create temporary files inside the application directory, after you have created the tmp directory and changed the access bits, the web server user will create new directories and files that are owned by this user.

You may be able to delete the files with a php script (unlink) or use a script to change the access bits to 777 and delete the files afterwards.
Or to get around deleting the files, delete everything else and keep the tmp directory, since you need it again anyway when you unpack the source again.


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