How best to record and report time between actions?

I have a one page website, which is in fact a quiz with several questions which will run on a touchscreen device at a conference. I realise I am using Matomo in a slightly non standard way here…
I’ve been asked to record actions(e.g. wrong answers, time taken to do quiz).

I’ve managed to add custom actions when the start button and answer buttons are clicked, and Matomo seems to record the action (e.g. ClickedCorrectAnswerToQuestion1) and its time. however on the reports, only the number of actions are recorded (e.g. ClickedCorrectAnswerToQuestion1 = 5 ), so I have no way of showing the time taken between start button and last question.

Anyone have any suggestions how I would record time time taken for someone to do the Quiz, so that I can represent that on the report?