Hook after Tracking a Goal via Plugin

I am wondering if there is a hook available to allow me to create a post-goal-conversion action. Looking over the list of hooks here http://piwik.org/docs/plugins/hooks/#toc-list-of-hooks - And I did not come across one… so I am wondering if this is even possible.

More specifically, I am looking for a hook to extend the below after a goal has been tracked through it.


there is no hook yet but we could add one

Thanks for the quick reply Matt. I would appreciate it being added because there are certain times where a third party needs to also be notified of a goal. If you could let me know where/when it is added it would help me immensely in getting a headstart on my plugin.

Thanks again!

Alternatively, you can send a pull request for adding this new hook, which would be more likely we get it done :slight_smile:

Thanks… just did!