Hits are not being recorded apart from when i visit the site?

I recently installed Piwik on one of our organisational servers with my logon but when other users visit the site, it doesnt track their hits/visit. It only tracks when i visit the site. I can tell this by the IP Address being identical with every visit.

Is this a quick fix or an error with configuration?

Any help would be great.

Hi there,

See: check the piwik URL is correct in your piwik javascript code?

Yeah it seems to be. I visit the page, then i get the live count of visitors goes upto 1 but when anyone else in the office visits the site, it doesn’t change.

How are they accessing your site? If it’s via IP, maybe you need to add it Trusted Piwik hostname in General Settings. And I’ve read in some discussions as well, that sometimes same IP’s (people in the same office) get counted once only.

WE use an internal URL to visit the site E.g. http://Piwik/ but each user will have their own IP Address. So it should still show up as separate users?