Historical data not available since SQL addtion


I have a self hosted matomo with hundred of sites tracked. We normally create new site via the API.
I’m not sure why but the incremental ID (ID site) was wrong and I missed few numbers in the list.
For exemple I was missing ID 80 to 90… This is important for us as we really have those sites ready to be tracked.
I have added those site by hand in the SQL database. But since then, I have only access to the data from this day and for all my sites !

I guess there is something I don’t undertand, Is there something to do to restore access to all the data ?

Thank you very much,


Hi @Benoit_Jupinet
How did you proceed to add the missing ids? (which query?)

Hi Philippe,

We manualy added an item to the dataase and we then modified his ID



I didn’t understood clearly how you proceeded, without the SQL queries you run.
The addition of a site probably adds something else in other DB tables. Then maybe Matomo discovered something got wrong and did some cleanup?
Can you check in the matomo_log_visit, matomo_log_link_visit_action tables if there is some data for missing dates?

From the matomo_log_visit, all the data looks there. But on matomo_log_link_visit_action, there is no data before the 01 April 2023. This is strange because on matomo, I can only see the data from the 10th of June which is the day we’ve make the modifcation on our SQL database.

I had another check and i have more information about my problem. Sorry I was not clear.

Since the manual addition of records, I still have all my data in the database and all the data is available if I check a particular site.

what I don’t have anymore is the historical data on the dashboard of all my websites. Impossible to go before the 10th.

Thank you in advance for your help

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