Highload and flash

Good day!
We have a problem with counting user activity rates in our flash player.
We use custom player and place it to different sites (like YouTube player).
It’s impossible for us to use external java script (restricted by partners),and then we have to use action script.
I’ve found no action script components for Piwik .
As I see we have 2 ways – port Piwik.js to Piwik.as and use if inside FLP or create separate PHP component, that should get data from flash player, save it in DB ant then use this new DB structure for building analytics.

If someone have already solved same trouble with Piwik (or mb some other tool) plz give me your advice )))

if you can use PHP you can use the tracking client: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I dont know of any action script library

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