High value visitor with multiple conversions not tracked?

Our ecommerce system has processed 7 sales today. I’m expecting to see >14 conversions in Piwik but I’m not. The missing ones are all from one visitor.

Each sale is a 2 step process. They click they want to buy and it takes them to a “enter your details” page and then they press submit and it takes them to a receipt / thank you page. Both steps are conversions and setup to allow multiple conversions per visit.

However an odd case happened today. We had a lady come to the website and check out 3 times for 3 complete purchases. NONE of her visit shows up in the visitor log.

Is it possible she had do not track on her machine and browser?

That’s pretty unlikely given our demographics… but it’s possible.

I was also thinking maybe she had JavaScript turnned off but that seems rather odd for a person who uses a web based e-mail system to be in the “javascript is scarry” camp.

true maybe a small chance, but with the new IE and some of its compatibility settings it could cause the piwik JS some issues. Some other plugins on the end users machine could also cause the js to not fire correctly.

I’d like to hear more about these compatability problems. Do you know somewhere I could read more? Also is there a proposal to mitigate the issue?

See what browser she uses and try with same browser ?