High Traffic Sites and Custom Period Date Ranges Selection


We operate a high traffic Matomo installation. Measures we have implemented for smooth operation:

  • Installation distributed on several servers (DB, Backend, Tracking, Redis, etc.)
  • Queued Tracking with Redis to handle peak loads
  • Disable browser trigger archiving
browser_archiving_disabled_enforce = 1
enable_create_realtime_segments = 0
enable_browser_archiving_triggering = 0

Reports for day, week and month are loaded without problems. However, as soon as the user selects a date range (e.g. 02.10.2021 to 21.01.2022), problems occur. As I understood it, such reports are compiled/archived on request, which is technically not possible above a certain amount.

Solutions to deal with this problem:

  • Hiding custom period date ranges selection in the calendar (Plugin)
  • More hardware power (doesn’t scale as well at some point)

My question is: I would be interested to know how others have solved this problem. Are there any other recommendations on how to solve this? Is it possible to select a date range and archive it via cronjob?


Turned out that the table with the RAW data was too big. Follow-up feature request: