Hider Server URL Issue - No Data



Wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to remove the Piwik server URL from the tracking code.

I have followed this exactly matomo/misc/proxy-hide-piwik-url at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

And am running the v latest version of Piwik

As soon as I follow these instructions NO data is collected by Piwik

These instructions are over a year old - does anyone have an updated version

Also it says to put piwik.php in site/piwik.php

Assume this means root directory of tracked site?

If my install of piwik is using pw instead of piwik as install name - do you need to change the piwik.php to pw.php? I tried both made no difference

Many Thanks


I just followed these instructions with no problem. I am using 2.3.0-rc2.

Your assumption is correct: root directory of the tracked site is the root directory of the target site, moolah site, blog site - not your Piwik server site.

When you refer to “pw” as your install, you are referring to the folder name on your server site as in “http://piwik-server.com/pw/”? If so, then you update that in the piwik.php that you downloaded in Step 1 of:


Click here to download the piwik.php proxy script

In piwik.php, you update the variable:

$PIWIK_URL = ‘http://piwik-server.com/pw/’;

Change $TOKEN_AUTH in piwik.php and then upload the file to the moolah site.

There are a total of two hardcoded changes you need to make to piwik.php.

In the modified Piwik Javascript Code, there are a total of two hardcoded changes:


I verified that Piwik was working by visiting one of my sites using a less-popular browser, clicking Refresh in the Visitors in Real-Time box and seeing my visit being tracked.

It appears the m-word is banned so I had to use “moolah”.