Hide Requests

(heinetz) #1

Hello Forum,

i installed a fresh piwik for my customers website. now i want to configure it.

Here is a screenshot of actions/sites after i visited the site and clicked 2 intems
in my menu:


I called the site via firefox, clicked “Unsere Leistungen” then "Leistungen von A-Z"
and the “Leistungen A”.

What i want to hide is the entry /index in the Tracking.

Is that possible ?


(vipsoft) #2

You can use setCustomUrl() or setDocumentTitle(). Refer to the JavaScript tracking API.

(heinetz) #3

ok, thank you! i tried setCustomUrl() and found out how it works but it doesn’t
du what i want ;(


(vipsoft) #4

If you’re running Piwik 0.5 or later, you can override the settings for action_default_name_when_not_defined and action_default_url_when_not_defined. These replace default_action_name from earlier versions.

(heinetz) #5

thank you for helping but i think, i can’t configure, what i want ;(

every request will be counted as /index by default in actions/pages.
I found out, how i could change this per js to /site f.e. but that wasn’t
what i wanted.

A request to www.example.org/ will be counted as /index
with 1 pageview.
A request to www.example.org/cluster/ will be counted as
/index in “cluster” (“cluster” is bold styled and i’ll find /index
under it after expanding) with one pageview for the cluster
and one for the /index.

Because i designd the requests to my site with mod_rewrite
so that every request ends with / I only need the counting
of “cluster” actions/pages but now I understood the view style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif