Heroku installation&uninstallation

Hi all,

I have a successful installation in Heroku using ClearDB MySQL and it works all perfect but some times. It get misconfigured and I have to “re-install” using the same DB so I dont miss any data but there is a period when Piwik is inactive.

I dont know why is happening but It might be because files written in installation are not in pushed git repository. Heroku might restart sometimes with the pushed version so written files in installation might be lost.

Any advice? Any clue?

Your concerns are correct, Heroku is not designed to let you store files on the filesystem. See Dynos and the Dyno Manager | Heroku Dev Center and https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/read-only-filesystem

That being said, I have no idea how to help you further. Maybe switching to another provider might be the easiest solution unfortunately…

Is there any list of the written files in a piwik installation?

If true maybe I could have those files installation in the git repo

Setting manually DB parameters in “config.ini.php” ?
It will skip installation after reinstalling?

I think so.

I have just successfully deploy in heroku just as we commented:

Add to your repo /config/config.ini.php your DB settings and also set session_save_handler = dbtable not to lose session info when heroku starts your dyno in another machine (at least once per day)

Thank you Matthieu Napoli !!!