Help with segment for domains


I have problem with a domain segment that won’t display all data - some days/data are missing even though I know we have visit during those days.
The segment setup is: Page url, Start with:
Do anyone have any suggestions on how I should solve this?
The segment is archived.

I need the domain segment since we have two domains on the same web (.se and .com for a national and international audience)

Many thanks in advanced.

// Marie

Can your analyzed website be browsed on HTTP instead of HTTPS?

No, we only use HTTPS.

Do the missing days belong to days before you configure the segment?

Yes, But I have other segment (on country, channel type …) and they work fine.

I mean that contain date before they were configure.

So if some data are older than the segment, you can try to invalidate data…
How do I tell Matomo to invalidate the past historical reports so they can be re-processed from the logs? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have done that :slight_smile:

Also, be sure the visits that are not visible in your segment really start as specified in the segment rule… (URLs not starting with www, or on another subdomain, or on another server port, or on direct IP, etc.)

if nothing is working, I will let Matomo team reply :wink:

Yes, They are included.

Thanks for your suport :slight_smile: