Help with Piwik's form Plugin (vocabulary mainly)

I am interested in buying Piwik’s Form Analytics Plugin. I have some questions about the vocabulary used, may I ask them? I can’t find the answer in the glossary.

-What is the difference between submit and conversion in terms of forms? A conversion is a successfully submitted form?

-What is the difference between changes and amendments? (I am talking about the “Changes metric” and the “Form field amendment rate” metric)

-How to see how much people started filling the form and then left it? The “Unique Drop-offs” metric only indicates the number of users that interacted with a specific field before leaving the form, right?

-Is the “Average hesitation time” calculated only when the user’s browser window is active or not? (I know it is the case for the “Hesitation time” metric)

Thanks in advance,


As Form Analytics is a premium plugin it may be difficult to get an answer in this community forum. I’d recommend to contact piwik/innocraft directly via the contact form in the plugins shop.