Help! Piwik stopped recording on Nov 20! What happened?


Hello Piwik, hello forum,

I have a major problem – I have Piwik installed to monitor the website of a project that runs with EU support but more or less no budget, still they need feedback.

When I checked Piwik today I did the requested update to thew latest version. Noew I see that tracking ends on Nov 20. No more records after that day. What happened? I did not change the tracking code, it is still on the bottom of each website:

The website to be tracked is, this domain name leads to a subdomain of

Does anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong?



Update: Even more mysterious – it started again, without me changing anything about the website, except updating Piwik … Could it be that without the update Piwik had stopped recording???


yeah, clearly it had to do with an outdated version given that after update it started recording… but on the other hand if it worked until nov 20, well, something happened on that day :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for the idea that something must have happened – BUT WHAT? Why would an outdated version stop recording? Can’t I rely on Piwik any more, would I have to check every week whethere it is still recording or whether an update is available?


whatever…you provided no information regarding what platform is your site on, is it wordpress? maybe some plugin updated on that day and screwed javascript?Maybe your theme updated? is you code in header? is it in footer? there were some piwik bugs related to javascript code placed in footer instead of header, fixed meanwhile. So on and so forth, you want to debug an error occurring some 7 months ago with no info and sarcasm.

If piwik recorded just fine until 20 nov and stopped working all of a sudden without you changing anything to it, well, most likely it`s not piwik-caused, because the same piwik worked fine on 19 nov… yeah, updating fixed whatever went wrong, but that does not mean that piwik was the root cause

all the best


It was just an idea whether anybody would know. My site is made with Dreamweaver, I provided the link to the site, code is at the end of the section. My records do not show any updates from my side around Nov 20 …

Best regards from MUC


I am having the same problem. After I have updated my Piwik on 9th May 2015 - for whatever reason Piwik stopped tracking my website 30 minutes ago on 11th May 2015 17:44:00 (GMT 6.5 hrs). I can still access the Visitor Log but the system has stopped tracking visitors for whatever reason.

Anyone know what is the problem?