[Help Needed] Tracking App with Matomo and Flutter

Hello everyone! :wave:

I am currently working on a project that involves tracking an app, that is built using Flutter. I am using Matomo as the tracking tool and I am in need of some guidance.

Here is my situation: I am trying to set up anonymous tracking for users who haven’t registered yet, but once they register and accept the terms and conditions, I want to switch to detailed tracking.

Would anyone be able to guide me on how to set up anonymous tracking for unregistered users and switch to detailed tracking after they have registered?

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @SeiferVIII
What do you mean exactly as "anonymous tracking?

Matomo is design to manage the user login / registration:

When a visitor connects to your website but is not initially logged in, their visit is associated with a Visitor ID by default. This is a unique identifier for that specific visit that is not attributed to a specific user. However, once that user logs into their account and you set a User ID for this visitor, then all actions such as page views are linked to the User ID and not the visitor ID. Any previously tracked action for this visitor before the user was logged in is also associated with this User ID.

When a user logs in, Matomo counts all actions before and after logging in as one user, one visit, and one unique visitor.

Here the set up: