Help me understand Visitor Profile page


Hi all,

I am trying to understand what is going on in the visitor profile. See this

How is 1 IP logging 3 different countries?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Probably it’s a different visit IP every time maybe?

You can check by clicking the Visitor Profile list of visitors, on the title for a visit. It will show the IP on the left panel after you click on that visit.


Since it is a new site, i am very sure it is my own IP, based on the IP, browser, and behaviour.

But regardless of how many IP a user has used to visit the site, it shouldn’t fall under the same visitor profile. Every IP should be logged in their respective visitor profile, am i right? If not by IP, how do you determine the visitor profile?

I have also checked the docs:

It is not quite possible to have the same user visit from poland, france and new zealand. The same applies to my own visits, I have not traveled around the world, and if I have, the IP would have changed and recorded all my sessions in separate visitor profile.


Tracking returning visitors is based on cookies.
Only if cookies are not available(deactivated in the browser, deactivated in the settings), piwik will fallback to the ip-adresses.

However the combination of poland, france and new zealnd would ba a very poor geo-ip detection for one user(if he/she is not traveling around the world, of couse;))


Interesting. Then your recording is accurate, unlike mine. Is this a piwik problem or the geo-ip plugin’s problem?

(Matthieu Aubry) #7

It could be a Piwik problem. Can you replicate the issue?

Did you set any config setting in your config.ini.php?