Help: I need to truncate pages in reports and obtain URL without GET


First of all thanks to piwik community and creator for providing us with this software. I also want to apologize for my bad English.

I have serveral dudes with Piwik so I’ll trie to explain them. We actually work with ISS log files and Webtrends and we want to study the posibility of changing to Piwik. Our fist option in Piwik is to use logs because we feel more confortable working like this (we are part of serveral local public departments and municipalities, very big logs).

So this tries have been made using ISS logs and importing them.

I need to have a report or export data having the URL truncated by GETs parameters. For example:

I get:
mipage.php?parameter1=3&parameter2=5 6 visits
mipage.php?parameter1=6&parameter2=2 5 visits

I want to get:
mipage.php 11 visits

Is this posible? We actually work with Webtrends and we miss this feature in piwik or we can’t find it :S

I also need to export all the visits for all the pages in a site. When I go to Actions–>Pages, I get a table with the visits and pagination. When I tried to export that data to excel, csv or any format I only get the data off the first 101 pages. . I’ve found in a post that I have to modify the filter_limit parameter but when I have made it and error is displayed.

This last think also happends when I tried to make a report (with the feature of Email Reports). I only get the first 23 pages and the rest off them are agruped in a sección called “others”. I would like to have te posibility off displaying all data.

I add one more question: Is there any way to import the type of files that I want? For example if I would like to import .js pages but not .jgp, and either .miextesion etc.

Thanks for all, bye,


I need to have a report or export data having the URL truncated by GETs parameters. For example:

Use URL exclude parameter feature in Settings>Websites>URL parameters exclude

(2) filter_limit=0 should work

(3) maybe you can sponsor the feature request: Scheduled reports: New option to include all rows (no limit) in pdf/html reports · Issue #2817 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub