Help! I need to SPECIFY A *VISIBLE* IMAGE (Non-Javascript Advanced Tracking via 1x1 Image)


What I need to be able to do is specify a .PNG/.GIF/whatever image that’s VISIBLE – not the default invisible 1x1 image that’s used in non-javascript environments.


vBulletin thread is created on forum I don’t own where I want to track hits.

Forum admins are OKAY with hit trackers like StatCounter (etc) as long as a VISIBLE image is used. (Make sense so far?)

Piwik gives people the ability to do what StatCounter does, with one glaring exception. StatCounter lets you specify an invisible image, OR a set of pre-defined visible images.

How can I modify the piwik.php file so that instead of using an invisible 1x1 image that will get me banned by the vBulletin forum, I can instead use a VISIBLE image?


Piwik does not provide this feature. To do this, you can add the img src= code before or afterr the Piwik javascript tracking code.