Heatmaps Generated for One Site Only

(Terry) #1

Hi. I’ve installed Heatmaps and installation seems to be in good order. However, heatmaps have been created for a couple of sites but generate heatmaps for one site only. Nothing complicated setup - using equals simple, sites validated etc. Indentical setups on different sites but only one generates heatmaps. Roughly equivalent traffic to all sites. Anyone have an idea as to why this would be the case.

Thank you.


(Jason) #2

Hi Terry,

If you could supply some URLs for the pages you are having problems with, I will have a look for you.

Please email this information to shop@innocraft.com



(Terry) #3

Here’s a site where samples are recorded but not screenshot. brightroadrecovery.com. Here’s a site where nothing is recrorded. mixers.tv. Here’s a site where everything works. huntingtronbeach.today. All same server. All have CORS enabled. All track Matomo data accurately. But Heatmaps are an issue.


(Jason) #4

HI Terry,

As part of the troubleshooting you can check the response of the configs.php in your web console. The response for huntingtonbeach.today is:

	"heatmaps": [{
		"id": 6,
		"getdom": false,
		"sample_rate": "100.0"
	"sessions": [{
		"id": 7,
		"sample_rate": "100.0",
		"min_time": 0,
		"activity": true,
		"keystrokes": true
	"idsite": "10",
	"trackerid": "E0Ysxw"

So you can expect to see session recording and heatmap data.

The response for mixers.tv is:

	"heatmaps": [],
	"sessions": [],
	"idsite": "22",
	"trackerid": "7rFHdc"

This tells us that there is no heatmap or session recording configured for this site. Can you confirm that you have configured a heatmap for site 22? If so can you share screenshots of your configuration with shop@innocraft.com