Heatmap & User Recording does not work


I just bought the Heatmap & User Recording plugin and installed it yesterday. However, neither maps nor user recordings are recorded. I double checked all according documentation and FAQ:

  • Used the URL Validator in both the heatmap and user recording settings
  • System Check OK
  • settings.php OK

For Heatmap recordings it tells “There have been 15 samples recorded so far. However, no screenshot has been taken yet. If there is a “Screenshot URL” for this heatmap, it may take a while for the screenshot to become available as a user first needs to open this screenshot URL. Depending on the sample rate this may take a while.”
Must I take a screenshot? Is this not automatically done? I configured the map so, that all URLS are tracked (see PDF enclosed=

For user recordings it tells me, that nothing is recorded.

See PDF for settings and messages. Well, I see that PDF cannot be uploaded :frowning: (why this?)

What can be the problem with the plugin?


Can you please email the URL you are trying to track to shop@innocraft.com, we will investigate further for you.