Heatmap & Session Recording Users limitation


i install Piwik in my own server and use it And My Question is :

Is the source code of these options will differ??

Up to 4 users, unlimited websites
5 to 15 users, unlimited websites
Unlimited users, unlimited websites

whats mean this -> users limited ??


Hi, @morteza

If you have questions about the premium plugins it’s probably best to contact Piwik.org/Innocraft directly as nobody else can give exact answers: https://www.heatmap-analytics.com/

But if I understand your question correct: Yes, the pricing of the plugin depends on how many users are registered on your piwik instance.

I use piwik in my own server.[ Not use Cloud-hosted Piwik ].

And I want buy A/B Testing & heatmap&sessionrecording Plugins And install them in my own piwik server in my company.

How to do?

it was very helpfull.