Heatmap plugin page cors error

Hi guys,

We have configured heatmap & session recording plugins but unable to fetch the screenshot under heatmap tab and session recordings under session recording tab and in the dashboard it’s displaying the below mentioned content

There have been 21 samples recorded so far. However, no screenshot has been taken yet. If there is a “Screenshot URL” for this heatmap, it may take a while for the screenshot to become available as a user first needs to open this screenshot URL. Depending on the sample rate this may take a while.

Session Recording:
No session has been recorded yet. If there are supposed to be recorded sessions by now, maybe the configured entry page does not match any page on your website. It is also recommended to check the “System Check” under “Administration” (only Super Users) to see if your system is configured to automatically recorded sessions.

System check has no errors

Solution for the above mentioned issue is highly appreciated. TIA !


As Heatmap and Session Recording are Premium features, I moved the topic in this category…
What are the configuration of Heatmap and SessionRecording? (sample rate, etc.)

Hi @Nitesh ,

Please get in touch with our Support team at shop@innocraft.com, so that our Support team can manage your request efficiently