Heatmap https to http

Matomo 3.14.1
heatmap plugin 3.2.39

matomo works in https,
I try to get a heatmap of the site http://test.xx/homepage
the image is not styled

if I go to the “developer tool” I find a lot of errors like this one

GET https://test.xx/.../shade-sticky.svg

Matomo tries to contact the site in https and not http

If your Matomo is available in http then you can access it in http for example http://matomo.example.com then the requests to to your site will be in http. Your Matomo may be automatically forcing https. In which case you should check this setting https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_91/ or with your host. We recommend using https where possible.

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Thank you for your reply
If I have understood correctly, in order to display the heatmap of a http site, I have to login to matomo in http.

is this correct?


An HTTPS-Website is never allowed to load anything from a non-HTTPS website as that would compromise the security of the site. So if you want to see the heatmap of your site in Matomo, ideally you should make sure your website is reachable via HTTPS (after all that’s really easy to do nowadays) or make Matomo available without HTTPS and accept all security and privacy issues this involves.


thank you very much

I did some tests and it works correctly.

The architecture adopted allows us to keep matomo in https for requests coming from intenet, while I enabled matomo in both http and https for those accessing from the intranet.


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