Heatmap BaseUrl issues

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying the " Heatmap & Session Recording" and have some major issue.
As I’m using TYPO3 I have the language-part between my domain and the query part, which works as expected since I set the base-tag in HTML.
Now the thing is, the heatmap-plugin ignores this and tries to load wrong urls.

Let’s say the current url is
then the matomo heatmap tries to load css and graphics from e.g.
whilst the base-tag says
so browsers use the correct address:

Is there a way to make the heatmap respect the base-tag or can I set something else so matomo heatmap uses the correct urls?

Hi there,

You can force the location of the CSS, please see point one in our FAQ here: https://matomo.org/faq/heatmap-session-recording/faq_24272/


Yeah, that worked like a charm, for the css, but I still got the issue with images. Is there anything I can set for them? I tried “data-matomo-resource” which is intented for media/video resources, I think, but it wouldn’t work.
The thing is, I couldn’t add the alternate path for the css without making major changes to the site, so I set the “data-matomo-href”-attribute with javascript. It would be great if I could do that with images, too.

If you delete the screenshot, and capture it again. Do the images and CSS look correct again?

I tried that, but sadly, no.
The CSS works after I added the “data-matomo-resource”, but image-paths are relative, too.
So the heatmap tries to load them from “URL + RELATIVE_IMAGEPATH”. But that’s the wrong
path since there’s an html -tag in use for relative paths.
It would be great if there’s simple solution like with the css.
Last solution would be to use absolute imagepaths, which would be a pain since the site is rather big and leaves me nervous when I have to make changes that affect all pages.
Other solution would be to soft-overwrite the paths with javascript, like I added the data-tag for the css, and see if this works.