Heatmap and sessionrecording


I installed heatmap and sessionrecording plugins and I created a heatmap and a session recording report.
but i have faced these problems :

In heatmap and sessionrecording, my target site not fully loaded and my Javascript file and stylesheet not loaded or its not working.

I tested Piwik solutions for these problems and I changed https to http but its not worked for me.

Kind of strange, I am using it and formerly had the https issue, since then my session recording is working fine.
Did you try your plugin on another website?


Are you using HTTPS on your website and HTTP for your piwik instance?

Thanks ChardonneauR

Yes , I test it and for another sites is working fine.

but My Problem still not solved

I test its target site and my piwik http. For everyone except this site [Master target for me] is not work.

I test its target site and my piwik https. For most sites except this site [Master target for me] is not work.

Any element that is append later : does not display the full page on the heatmap and it displays in the session recording in an irregular manner.

Can you check if any requests fail in the network tab of your developer tools or if there are errors in the console.

If this only happens with the heatmap plugin and everything else works, you may open an ticket in the marketplace.

I checked any requests failed in the network tab and results is -> I get error “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.” for my target site font files.