Have a customisable javascriptCode.tpl

Hi everybody,

In France we have a specific legislation about how to manage cookies and manipulate personal informations (more information here: http://www.cnil.fr/fileadmin/documents/approfondir/dossier/internet/Configuration_piwik.pdf ). So, to respect the law we have to customize the file …/plugins/Morpheus/templates/javascriptCode.tpl .

Unfortunatly each time we will upgrade Piwik we will have to re-patch the file.

It will we a great idea to let each Piwik adminstrator to manage wich javascriptCode.tpl file he want to use. An idea is to add a line in the config file. By default the javascriptCode.tpl will be the one in the Morpheus plugin but we will be able to choose another file.



Hi Didier

There is no need to customise the Piwik JS code to be CNIL compliant. Piwik is compliant by default since we added the 13 months cookie rule in Piwik core: Piwik users do not need cookie consent in France: make Piwik privacy enabled. · Issue #6341 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub


Could you please ask the CNIL to update their pdf file ? (I know you ask them 11 months ago, but maybe if you ask again …)