Has anyone gotten piwik to run under HipHop PHP?

Has anyone gotten piwik to run under HipHop PHP?

If so were there any modifications you had to make?

There seems to be issues around Zend sessions

HipHop PHP sadly has some trouble with Zend_* classes. I wasn’t able to run Piwik with hhvm either.

I was actually able to get piwik running under hiphop but I have an issue with tracking. It seems like it is tracking 1 visit as multiple visits. for example a user browses 5 pages. Instead of saying 1 user looked at 5 pages it is saying 5 users looked at 1 page. It is failing to link the visits together. I am going to try and track down the code that handles this but does anyone know where I can find it? It would save me a few hours/days of searching if someone could point me in the right direction. possibly give me a variable of function name to search for.


Tracking happens in core/Tracker/* and core/Tracker.php.

Can you tell me how you compiled Piwik with HipHop? I can help you debug.