Growing _archive_blog / _numeric tables

I have noticed that the database is building new tables ( matomo_archive_blog and matomo_archive_numeric) for each month of the year. What is it for? Can it be avoided? This way my database will become unsustainable, I believe.
Please anyone clarify this. Thank you.

hello anyone, please advice on this unresolved matter. My database is currently 250 rows and growing. It doesn’t look nice to have folders for every months.

These tables are going back to 2008 and I obviously didn’t create them. Can’t anyone give support?

I think you can find some information at:
These tables are used for archiving, ie for the compilation of data used on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports. eg. total number of visits, average number of action per visit, etc.

Sure they are tables archiving data, but I wonder why I have tables since 2008 (whereas I installed Matomo this year), and I also wish to know if they would be reduced by enabling the “remove old raw data/reports”.

Maybe Matomo tries first to archive data from its beginning (the beginning of Piwik project! :wink: ).But they should be almost empty…

Yes and no: only Delete old aggregated report data would reduce the size of *_archive_* tables. Regularly delete old raw data will reduce the size of most other tables…