Grouping of url:s and domains?

Is it possible to group url:s together so they count as one, and are displayed as one in the report Pages?

Our cms-tool adds a language code in the url so we have two addresses for one page, for example mypage/de/startpage and mypage/startpage are the same page just with two different url:s. In the Pages report they are displayed separately. I see visitors for mypage/de/startpage and mypage/startpage. So when I want the total number of visits I have to manually add the statistics for both pages.

I have found information that it is possible to present all subdomains, but I’d like to do the opposite: group them togheter.

Does anyone know how you can group url:s and/or domains together so they all count as one?
Grateful for any help and hints!

Yes you , by overwriting the URL using

piwikTracker.setCustomUrl( );

and set in javascript the “simple” URL you wish to track

Great tip! We will try it out as soon as we can!
THANX a lot!