Grouping feature



First, many thanks to piwik’s team for this great product.

My problem, I use the grouping pages functionality ( How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo ) and this is very useful, but it seems that this only work for “Actions -> Pages titles”.
So “Actions -> Pages”, “Actions -> Entry pages”, etc, are not very usable because only url of the page is used to group and not js var setDocumentTitle.

Thanks for your help,

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use setCustomUrl() to achieve a similar effect



Ok it works, but if i change the url with setCustomUrl, the url is changed and not clickable anymore smiling smiley

Personally i use setDocumentTitle to group different pages in more readable folders and titles, but with an unique setDocumentTitle for each pages.

[b]News/Report/Report 1[/b] [i](url => /pages/news/news.php?id=2541)[/i]
[b]News/Report/Report 2[/b] [i](url => /pages/news/news.php?id=2546)[/i]
[b]News/Interview/Interview 1[/b] [i](url => /pages/news/news.php?id=2438)[/i]
[b]News/Interview/Interview 2[/b] [i](url => /pages/news/news.php?id=2756)[/i]

So it’s not perfect, is there another solution to group and keep the real url?