Group permissions in Matomo


Is there a way to configure group permissions in Matomo?

Group permissions plugin doesn’t seem to work at all.

(Lukas Winkler) #2

The plugin is still maintained, so it should work.

I guess the best is to ask @MichaelHeerklotz, the author of the plugin and provide more details about what exactly doesn’t work.

(Michael Heerklotz) #3

The plugin should work in general (I am using it myself with the latest matomo version).
If you can provide more details, I am sure we can make it work for you, too :slight_smile:


Can you explain a bit the general logic behind it? Are new tables created in the Database?

As for the issue I am facing, is that it doesn’t work at all. I have installed the plugin but for example when I try to create a new group it does nothing, as if the button itself is not working.

(Michael Heerklotz) #5

These tables are created in the database:

After you have created a group (at the top in the “Manage groups” tab) it should appear in the “Manage group” section, under the creation form at the top.

There you can add new users into the group (at the moment there is no drop down or so, the user name has to be typed).
You can also remove group members from a group there.

At the bottom you have the “Rename this group” and “Delete this Group” settings.

With the “Manage Access” tab you can manage which right a group has for each of your sites.