Group custom variables by value


is there a possibility to group custom variables by name AND value like any other value e.g. site, title…


Yes, in 1.8.2 you can click on the clog icon at the bottom of the table, and click on “Flatten”

Thaks for the advice but that’s not wat I wanted. With this there you can flatten the entries but I like to have them grouped not only by their name (already doing in non flatten mode) but also by their value like in site or title.

What do you mean exactly? please give an example

I have a custom variable called Category. One value is “/Technik/Gestaltung” and a second value on a second page is “/Technik/Gestaltung/1234567890”.

Now I like them to be grouped like Sites or Tiltes under Action


if you click on the custom var name, it will open the values ? isnt’ that what you explain here?

It’s half way. It’s correctly grouped under the custom var name but I also like them to be grouped by their “path” like site or title