Graphs not Displaying (v 0.4.5)

(BCS_Magazine) #1

I can’t get the graphs to display in my Piwik. I’ve tried IE6 and Firefox 3.0.5 and Seamonkey 1.17. I’ve read the Piwik FAQ and the threads on these forums; I’ve installed the latest Flash (v10.something) and I’ve tested that it works on other Flash sites.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Here is the code I’m seeing in the windows where graphs are supposed to be:

Displaying Graphs in Piwik requires Flash >= 9.0.0. More information about displaying graphs in Piwik.
"); } }; if (typeof Control == "undefined") { var Control = {OFC: OFC.jquery}; } // By default, right-clicking on OFC and choosing "save image locally" calls this function. function save_image() { OFC.jquery.popup("VisitsSummarygetEvolutionGraphChart_swf"); } swfobject.embedSWF( "libs/open-flash-chart/open-flash-chart.swf?piwik=0.4.5", "VisitsSummarygetEvolutionGraphChart_swf", "100%", "150", "9.0.0", "libs/swfobject/expressInstall.swf", { "data-file":"index.php%3Fmodule%3DVisitsSummary%26action%3DgetEvolutionGraph%26columns%255B%255D%3Dnb_visits%26idSite%3D1%26period%3Dday%26date%3D2009-10-24%2C2009-11-22%26viewDataTable%3DgenerateDataChartEvolution", "loading":"Loading..." }, { "allowScriptAccess":"always", "wmode":"opaque" }, {"bgcolor":"#FFFFFF"} );

Thanks very much for any help.

(vipsoft) #2

I’ve only seen this happen where the host munges the HTML to insert ads.

Please wait for Piwik 0.5. We moved a lot of the inline JavaScript that you see bleeding through, to an external file (common.js).

(BCS_Magazine) #3

Thank you very much for the reply! I will look forward to 0.5.