google2piwik - tables empty after export


I am a little new to Python. I was able to get the script to run and get to the ‘Exporting YYYY-MM-DD’ stage in the command prompt. However, I get ‘Action’ object has no attribute ‘id_action_url’ results prior to simulated unique and real unique visitors per date in the date range. I tried importing data for a few days, but when I check my tables in the ‘Piwik’ database using PHPMyAdmin my tables are still empty as if no data was transferred. Do I need to run the archiving script in order for the tables to be populated? I am unsure how to run the script since I am using Windows not Linux. screenshot attached of the results I am seeing in my command prompt when executing ‘python


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

please post the comment in the google2piwik blog post with other support questions