Google Will Limit Cross-Site Tracking In Chrome By Default Starting In February - does this affect my use of Matomo on multible sites?

Hi guys !
Happy New year 2020…

This news ( see link below) made some of my coworkers ask me questions - will this affect our tracking?..
I must admit that Im’ not in a position to answer this question on the fly.

We have several domais fx:, among others.
All using Matomo - and we use to collect data - will this be a problem for us?

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I reported this here in September:

In theory those issues should be fixed with Matomo 3.13.1 which should be released quite soon (a release candidate is already published), but to be honest I didn’t follow up with the technical details and therefore don’t know how it works.

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Hi Lucas
Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I did see your bug in GIthub - glad to hear that a possible solution is under way.

Hi, was this issue fixed?

I’m running 3.13.4 and I’m getting the warning in Chrome.

What’s interesting (for me at least) is that the warning is saying the resource is coming from http not https, this I can’t seem to change.

The full warning is below…

A cookie associated with a resource at was set with SameSite=Nonebut withoutSecure.

The domain in question has an SSL, and redirects are in place.

So far I’ve tried installing the ForceSSL plugin, added force_ssl = 1to the config.ini file and added _paq.push(['setSecureCookie', true]);to the tracking code. Nothing has worked.

Anyone able to offer any help?