Google Will Limit Cross-Site Tracking In Chrome By Default Starting In February - does this affect my use of Matomo on multible sites?

Hi guys !
Happy New year 2020…

This news ( see link below) made some of my coworkers ask me questions - will this affect our tracking?..
I must admit that Im’ not in a position to answer this question on the fly.

We have several domais fx:, among others.
All using Matomo - and we use to collect data - will this be a problem for us?

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I reported this here in September:

In theory those issues should be fixed with Matomo 3.13.1 which should be released quite soon (a release candidate is already published), but to be honest I didn’t follow up with the technical details and therefore don’t know how it works.

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Hi Lucas
Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I did see your bug in GIthub - glad to hear that a possible solution is under way.