Google indexed pages

In the SEO Rankings Widget, the Google Indexed Pages showing 0.
But Google has Indexed Pages = 8.
Bing Indexed Pages showing 8 (correct).
Why would the Widget have and incorrect value for Google Indexed Pages?
Thank you.

Can you reproduce this bug on the demo: , for all websites or just one site?

I have only one site for now (I’m new to web development).
I get the same (erroneous) results on the demo as on my install.
Thank you.

what the script does is a google request and then parse the result from the page.
Does google show a number when you type “” ?

yes, it shows 8 results.
The Bing results on Piwik are correct (8).
The Google results on Piwik is 0.
I’m using Piwik with Wordpress Plugin.
Thank you.

What is the site URL? can you email me a screenshots of the Widget showing 0 with your site URL + the link to google search? we’ll fix it thanks

screenshot attached?
I’m sorry, but what is the ?

Thanks for the report, this is fixed in: Fix Google Indexed Pages metric for sites with less than dozens pages… · matomo-org/matomo@6e2ac9c · GitHub

Fix: remove the "about " (with trailing space) in this line

The Google figure is now correct, however, the Bing figure is now 0 (incorrect).
Thank you.

Sorry for troubling you.
Both Bing and Google are now correct.
Thanks a lot for the fix.
best regards, ben.