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I am getting : Google indexed pages - pages on the SEO rankings widget. This is for all my domains. The domains are OK on with site:xx.xx returns pages.

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which domain do you input? I will try to reproduce

#3 and

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I’ve tested both and it works for me (it shows correct number of indexed pages). Cannot reproduce ?


I am on holiday and will look more at it when I am back after 15 July.


I’m having the same Problem. Google says my site does have 5 indexed pages. Piwik says no.

When I type in another domain of mine it says also no indexed pages. Although on that domain an own piwik runs which in the SEO rankings says 15 pages are indexed. Interesting also, if i write my first domain name in that domain in which piwik says the right number of indexed pages, it says only 3 indexed pages. Although, as I said, Google with “sites:” says 5 are indexed.

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could you give the website URLs for which Piwik fails to report the right number of indexed pages? this could be a bug.

(also check you’re using 2.4.1 as some bugs were fixed there recently)


Thats the domain on wich piwik shows no indexed pages: Could it maybe a problem, that piwik is not running right on that domain?

And yes, I have 2.4.1 installed.

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When I enter this hostname in the SEO widget I get “Google indexed pages = 5” so it works for me here


Strange. What could be the reason?


I also have this problem. Piwik shows “- Pages”. on Google shows 28,200. Same issue for another site.