as "external website", and Actions.getPageUrls issue


I’m using Piwik 1.7.1 (clean installation) to track a website. So far I’m pleased, but I have 2 questions:
[li] In the reports, I’ve noticed that it listed as a “search engine” (113 visitors), and as an “external website” (3 visitors) for today’s report. What’s causing this? Why aren’t those 3 visits listed as a search engine?
[/li][li] When using the API’s Actions.getPageUrls - I get a strange thing: some of the results are doubled - with the difference of a leading slash. For example: page1 is in row A, and /page1 is in row B. The first has and lacks , and the second has and lacks . What’s going on?


  1. fixed in latest RC version
  2. the one with trailing slash is the “Category” gathering other pages. Give &expanded=1 to get the full tree. In the RC release there is even &flat=1 to report full URLs

Thanks, Matt.

As for the issue with Google - is it something that will be corrected retroactively?