Google Analytics Importer process not starting

Hi, I installed Matomo on-premise in a specially created subdomain, and installed the google analytics importer, configuring everything following the guide on the site: After I authorized Google, I added the parameters of an Analytics property to import, and started the process.

After 5 minutes the process status changes from “ongoing” to “killed” I tried to import the same property on the Matomo Cloud plan and the import started without problems (up to the daily limit).

I contacted my hosting provider support and they guaranteed me that no process appears on the server (and the max_execution_time is set to 10 minutes), so it doesn’t even start, and when they tried to start it, the following message appeared (only once):

“Could not verify the security token on this form."

Can you help me please?
Thanks in advance

Someone can help me please?

Does this help?