Google Analytics Import: process gets killed after 1 day

I’m using Matomo 4.11.0 and GoogleAnalyticsImporter plugin v4.3.3, so everything is up to date.

I started an import and acknowledged that now the import runs backwards: from the most recent date to the least recent (presumably up until the View creation date).

The process ends as expected in the first day at the maximum quota of 10.000 API calls per View imposed by Google (4 months of data).

Problem is: the process gets killed at the second day of import and doesn’t import anything earlier than the last date reached the day before.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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I have the same problem
Now the import goes backwards and that’s a good thing

But from the second day, despite the process starting again and in fact from the google API console I was able to check the consumption of API calls it does not go further. It seems to always cycle on the same dates

@xabaras @kal
Does this works for you - ?

Code updated, testing it tomorrow since the quota looks like’s already full for today.

It worked here -

Hey @kal Any update ?

It’s working!