Google Analytics import ISSUE - Matomo cloud

Hi all,

From today we receive the following error from all imports configured in our console (imports worked fine until yesterday):

“ Invalid redirect_uris, atleast 1 uri should match the uri “” in the uploaded configuration file”

First of all, according to Matomo Guide, the URI should be as follows:

However we have entered the new URI in the OAuth confing file, perform a new upload but the error message remains.

We think the problem should be related to some changes in import page done in the night between 14th and 15th of September (the page interfaces is changed a little bit with the choice between GA3 and GA4).

Any suggestions?

@Vinnie_Mediatria I will check this and prepare a fix

Same issue. The new system appears to add the filesystem path to the uri.

@Vinnie_Mediatria I figured out the issue

Thanks @Altamash_Shaikh , any forecast about the fix release?

Hey @Vinnie_Mediatria couldn’t release a fix today, hopefully Monday we can.

For everyone’s info, just merged - which should resolve this errors.
For cloud we are yet to push new version.

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Hi @Altamash_Shaikh, thank you and we will wait for a notice from you when it’s fixed also for the cloud.

@Vinnie_Mediatria This should now be fixed on cloud

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@Altamash_Shaikh I confirm, ty