Google analaytics and Piwik Discrepancy

hi guys i am new here, but i have this problem which is from my data that is fetched to google analytics and piwik there is a discrepancy. Please read below for more information.

Here is data for yesterday (with New Piwik Last Week v1.7.1 version then).
GGA : 14 803 visits
Piwik : 10 254 visits

31% discrepancy.

Do i need to update the new piwik codes?

What do i have to do to match the GGA ?

Did you set up something for users with DoNotTrack?

whats DoNotTrack means ?

Some modern Browsers can send an Do Not Track header, that implies that the users wish is not to be be tracked.
Piwik accepts this header, GA not. (As i know) But thats configurable in Piwik.

hi can i know how can i configure it?

Default is don’t disabled.

Please refer to the FAQ. FAQ Archive - Analytics Platform - Matomo

My apologies but i still don’t get it. I had a look to the FAQ, explanations about differences between Piwik and other analytics and still i don’t get same values between Piwik and Google.
I understood that it’s normal to not get exactly same values but here i have on Piwik only half of Google analytics values …

I checked in the privacy tab that i log all so i don’t get why there are so many differences

Thanks for your tool that is really awesome !

Usually we see 5% range difference. Here the differences are much bigger. Do you ignore some IPs? have you tracked all your pages? there could be many reasons

Ok let’s take yesterday statitics on my wife’s new blog : Mademoiselle prend soin d’elle
Piwik gives me : 44 visitors, 39 unique visitors
Google gives me : 80 visitors, 71 unique visitors

About Piwik, i use the plugin WP-Piwik for wordpress, that will insert in the footer of the page the script. I checked the insert of the script, the following of 404 errors and the use of js/index.php. I excluded my home macbook, my office PC and request the plugin to not track Administrators of the blog.

About Google, i use SEO plugin that will also add the tracking script in the footer and requested to not track Administrators of the blog.

What i find very very strange is that google seems to add “phantoms” visitors. For example yesterday, around 8pm, we saw on google a visitor with IP address, wich is usually me when i have to test things in local for the site. But yesterday i did not started at all my MAMP application. And my wife, despite she is administrator, she is detected as a google searcher with keywords used 1 week ago …

Despite these differences, the difference between Google and Piwik is quite huge for my opinion. Who can i trust ?
I would prefer piwik with google number of visitors >:D<

yes thats what i want to ask which one is the more accurate?

And this is what i have in the comparison of the Piwik and GGA in (Unique Visitors)

March 6th
Overall website Piwik : 15 749
Overall website GG Analytics : 19 106

17% discrepancy

March 5th
Overall website Piwik : 15 723
Overall website GG Analytics : 19 107

18% discrepancy

March 4th
Overall website Piwik : 12 119
Overall website GG Analytics : 15 363

21% discrepancy

To add some data to the comparison:

Yesterday March 15:

Piwik: 1232 visits, 1158 unique visitors
GA: 1312 Visits, 1219 unique visitors

So in my Case not such big difference but still.

Lets compare a whole month of my blog, February:
Piwik: 43,292 visits, 36,926 unique visitors
GA: 56,996 Visits, 42,244 Unique Visitors

bump - thats a pretty nice drift of roughly 30% in the visits and 15% in the uniques.

Also for my wife’s site, yesterday (15th March) Piwik got only one visitor less than Google … Strange.

Since the 15th, statistics between Google and Piwik are sightly the same (only few visitors difference but it seems Google counts localhost IP address even if i said i don’t want)
Very good news !!! :wink:

so which one has the most accurate data ? anyone knows?

Piwik is generally more acccurate since it is hosted on the same server and often faster, and also less people block it using addons. But, both should be “similarly” accurate in any case (no more than 5% difference)

Piwik is generally more acccurate since it is hosted on the same server and often faster, and also less people block it using addons. But, both should be “similarly” accurate in any case (no more than 5% difference)[/quote]

but apart from it i only see there is more than 10 percent difference. Is there any settings i should change to make it the same range with GGA or at least a 5 percent different ?

hi all

my yesterday stats
14,671 Visits
12,440 Unique Visitors

12628 visits
10866 unique visitors

I still dun understand why

Can you identify particular pages that are not appearing as often in PIwik as in GA?

its all displaying but just that the traffic is lesser compared to piwik

anyone have any ideas ?